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Erika Kenyon
Age: 29
Gender: Female
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Location: Troy, PA
School: Other
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Ikka355's profile

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height: 5'6"
weight: 119
middle name: Sue
eyes: Blue
hair: Light Brown/Red

favorite color: Blue & Pink
star sign: Aquarius
lucky number: 5
best friends: Skyler, Amanda, Diane, Laura, Nicole, Travis, and Amy.

Interests & Affiliations:
My Friends
Just Relaxing

Things I like:
Guys with lip piercings
Hanging Out
Getting Presents
Making Movies for my Friends
Meeting Cute Guys
Going to Fairs
Telling Bitches where they can go
Writing Letters
Recieving Letters
Taking Pictures
Standing in the Rain
Holding Hands
Being told I'm beautiful (even tho I'm not)
Watching Lightning
Chocolate Milk
Corny Pick-up Lines
Short People
Talking on the Phone
Cute Guys
Fast Cars
Skater Clothes
My Mommy
and My Daddy
Singing in the Shower
Making an Ass of Myself
Teddy Bears
White Roses
Amanda H. and Our Daughter
Watching Movies in the Dark
Staying Up Late
Sleeping in
Pig Tails
Being the Dork I am
Piggy-back rides
Roller Coasters
Lip Gloss
Shooting Stars
Brown Eyes
Hot Topic
Truth or Dare
Thrill Rides
Orange Soda
Shop Class
Building Things
Oreo Cookies and Milk
Being Happy

Things I don't like:
Bad Kissers
Phone Calls that Wake Me Up
People who don't shower
That time of the month
When People tell me 'No!'
Being Lazy
My Nose
When I can't fall Asleep
Preppy People
Having Low Self-Esteem
Classical Music
Being Alone
Granny Panties
Big Breasted Bitches
People who Never Shut the Fuck Up!
Hairy Chests
Stupid People
Guys who wear More Make-up than I Do
Telling Lies
Getting Yelled at
Being lazy
Staying home on the weekend
Losing Friends
Getting dumped
Being blown off
Harsh Reality
Being stared at
Getting Hurt
Being sick
Mean People
Couples who make out in public
Extremely tall people
Getting out of bed before noon

Favorite Bands and Artists:
A Perfect Circle, Acid Bath, Across Five Aprils, Adema, All American Rejects, Atreyu, Avenged Sevenfold, Bloc Party, Brand New, Breaking Benjamin, Chevelle, Coheed and Cambria, Dashboard Confessional, Dakona, Eighteen Visions, Evergreen Terrance, Fall Out Boy, Finch, From Autumn To Ashes, GodSmack, Goo Goo Dolls, Everlast, Halifax, Hidden In Plain View, Incubus, Insane Clown Posse, Jack's Mannequin, Kutless, Less Than Jake, Maroon 5, Matchbook Romance, Metallica, My Chemical Romance, New Found Glory, Nickelback, Our Lady Peace, Relient K, Rise Against, Saliva, Seether, Senses Fail, Smile Empty Soul, Snow Patrol, Something Corporate, Spitalfield, Staind, Story Of The Year, Straylight Run, Sugarcult, System of a Down, Taking Back Sunday, The Early November, The Starting Line, Thrice, Thursday, Tom Petty, Trapt, With Broken Wings

About me:
My names Erika. I'm 16 years old.
I believe I'm really mature for my age.
Most people think I'm funny.
But I just say what's on my mind.
I have the most amazing boyfriend.
His names Skyler Lee Hart.
And he's mine damnit.
I have a problem with people who think they are better than me.
Because they have more money or are popular.
Money doesn't buy happiness and no one cares what brand of underwear you are wearing.
I hate it when people talk shit about you when you're not around, but don't have the balls to say it when you are around.
I think its really immature and they need to grow up.
I hate people who get involved with their friends problems.
It has absolutely nothing to do with you,
So stay the fuck out of it.
My friends are my world and although I don't have many "real" friends, I value the ones I do have.
I love Amanda Danielle Randall.
I usually hang out with people that are 2-5 years older than me because I feel like I can relate to them better,
and they are so much less dramatic then the people I go to school with.
I'm a junior this year and I'm looking forward to graduating in less than two years.
But I know I'm gonna miss everyone once I'm gone, because lets be realistic, life isn't like Dawson's Creek.
I like to laugh, and when I do I usually make everyone else around me laugh because I have the gayest laugh.
I love rainstuorms because it gives me time to jst sit and think and watch it.
I'm completely clueless as to what I want to do with my life, and that scares me.
I don't exactly get the best grades, but I do believe that I'm doing my best, most of the time.
I get distracted very very easily, and I often forget what I'm saying when I'm right in the middle of a sentence.
Teachers don't seem to like me much because I like to talk...
I don't have my license yet, or my permit, but I'm getting there.
I think driving scares me more than anything tho, because of all the people I know that have died from car accidents.
I lost my aunt, Shelby to cancer about 4 years back,
I miss her a lot.
I don't believe in abortions.
It's wrong because the baby didn't ask to be put there in the first place.
And if you don't want to raise it, then give birth to it and put it up for adoption.
Everyone deserves a full and happy life, no matter what.
But I can see why people who are raped go through with it, I don't think I could stand a constant reminder either.
I look up to my mom, because she's been through a lot of shit in her life, and shes been hurt a lot, but she still finds a reason to smile.
I have a really big family, and I want a big family too.
We get together for every holiday, and every birth, day. And most of them live around here or close to it.
It's easy for me to talk to my family about stuff because they are really understanding and I love that I always have someone to go to.
I've only ever really had my heart broken once, and yes it was hard.
But I eventually got over it, because he was different than he was,
and you can't love someone for what they were.
It just doesn't work.
Yes, I am a virgin, and I don't see that changing any time soon,
because I mean, I'm only 16 and I still wanna be a kid.
I have a lot of growing up left to do and I'm not really ready for that kind of relationship.
Judge me how ya want, but thats who I am.
But I don't have anything against anyone my age who does it.
I am a huge daddy's girl. And I often use it to my advantage.
But I don't get to spend much time with him lately, and I really do miss it.
I love to write poems and songs, and I love to sing.
I'm hoping it will get me somewhere someday, if i ever get over my fear of singing in front of people.
I like when a guy plays with my hair or pulls me to them just to hold me.
But don't get me wrong, I love kisses. Especially those awkward first ones.
Watching myself dance cracks me up. But I love to do it.
I dress anyway I feel comfortable.
I rarely wear skirts or shorts, I just dont think they are comfortable.
I hate it when my shirts show my stomach.. but could care less if my cleavage is showing haha... if you dont like it, dont look.
When I get really tired, I get really really giggly, most people get grumpy, I just get annoying, haha.
I talk in my sleep. And I don't ever remember any conversations that I tend to have after midnight.
I'm really good at remembering names and faces. But I suck at remembering what I told them or what they told me.
Everyone is always coming to me for advice about love and boys and all the drama high school can bring.
I love shirts that say stupid shit on them.
I don't really ever drink soda or eat candy anymore. I kinda gave up on it.
I shower everyday and I believe that everyone should.
I love the emo look, but just can't seem to pull it off.
I hate my hair but theres nothing I can do about it. haha.
I need glasses for reading, says my optomotrist, but I never wear them.
I have a tendancy to talk too much and not listen when I should. But I'm working on it.
I hate conflict and I try to avoid it as much as I can. But sometimes I just can't.
I can be a really big bitch if given a reason to be.
I have a hard time keeping my mouth shut when someone pisses me off.
When I get really pissed, I shake.
When I cry my nostrils flare.
I believe that chocolate chip cookies should be eaten right after they are taken out of the oven.
My eyes are amazing to me. They are the only thing I like about myself physically.
I think my nose is huge and my forehead too.
I don't like that my ribs stick out.
I hate it when people wake me up when I'm in the middle of a good dream.
White roses are my favorite flowers.
My favorite color is blue.
I don't play any sports, I don't think I am any good at them, or I would.
I do, however, love to make things out of wood and shop class is my all time favorite.
People think that's wierd, for a girl to like shop class. but I say fuck em.
I love movies that make me cry. Reminds me that I'm a girl.
I know it's not right to swear and I know its really unattractive, haha I'm trying.
My boyfriend is a little wierd and hes definetaly not the most popular guy in school, but thats why i love him.
Guys that are popular and hott are conceited and they piss me off.
I absolutely despise preppy girls who giggle around guys... they think they look cute but they just look stupid.
I'm the most clumbsy person you will ever meet. I fall down the stairs or trip up them at least once a week.
I love laughing so hard that I cry. it's the best.
Ice cream and a late night movie is my ideal date.
People call me lazy because I don't go out and do stuff as much as them, but the truth is I really dont have anything to do, either that or I have no way of getting there or back.
I fucking hate being called lazy.
Brings back bad memories.
I don't do drugs and if you do thats your business.
I love little kids and I love babies.
Guys who think they have to lie just to impress me, dont get my number. haha.
Corny pick up lines however, probably will. Just because i think it's cute.
But really perverted pick up lines, get you a slap in the face. haha
My best friend in the entire world is Laura Cottrill.
We've both gone through a lot of shit with our ex's.... who just happen to have the same name.
and we've always had each other to rely on.
and I love her for that.
I really don't know what I'd do without her.
I guess that's all I can think of for now.
That's me, take it or leave it.

AOL SN - ikka355
Yahoo! name - shooting_starr_55
E-mail - ikka355@yahoo.com

Photo Album - http://community.webshots.com/user/urrrrkasue2799


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Erika Sue Kenyon Skyler Lee Hart

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